Wednesday, March 2, 2011

things i miss...

my Q street apartment - where the whole place was all mine
and my kitchen was also my closet.

my dhahran days
this was the 7th grade valentine's day dance
i went with chris norseth
i still have that dress
and still besties with some of those friends...
(look at all those mary-jane docs!!)

clay's random drawings on my old kitchen table

having my whole family under 1 roof

using my electric typewriter...which is currently broken

beach bumming

drinking champassions on the patio of hotel san jose

the natural high you get from an equal rights rally

my kate moss collage from my boarding school dorm room
oh, and that lime green + yellow pop corn comforter
and lime green jansport... dang!

playing mafia for hours in austin
and especially missing these 3 faces...


trisharhomberg said...

mee too. oh my, that patio. that little round tiny table. oh man.

Chesen said...

oh man oh man...that lime green and yellow pop corn comforter...i had it too!!! man i miss it. maybe my mom still has it. it was really the best. ikea baby!

sarah said...

oh ches! we totally had matching comforters - and that was back when i ikea wasn't ikea at all ... but rather a small unmarked house in khobar... right?!