Monday, March 21, 2011

an unexpected dinner date

Last night Eli and I went to our wedding caterers' house for a tasting of the food for our reception.  We had no idea what to expect - I have never been to a tasting of this sort before.  Well, we were blown away.  We arrived at their lovely home and were immediately invited to sit at their dining room table, where place settings awaited us.  We were seated across from each other, with beautiful fresh flowers in between us.  We were on a date.

It's important to note - Eli and I have been so incredibly swamped these days- with crazy schedules that have not allowed for much in the dating (or hanging out much at all) department, so this was a much welcomed surprise.  Going to something that might feel like another wedding planning task - and ending up on a date.

And then ... the food.  Amazing.  They served each dish as a separate course and spent the time explaining the ingredients and walking us through the flavor profiles.  They wanted genuine feedback from us - but all we could offer were a series of 'ooohhs' and 'ahhhhhhs' as we loved everything we tried.  I won't disclose much and I won't share pictures, because I want it to be a surprise.  But I was nearly moved to tears ... it was THAT good.  We feel so lucky to have found this wife + husband team.   Aside from the amazing food, their professionalism, their local and seasonal approach to food, they are genuine, kind, funny, down to earth, rad people.  So pumped!

So we owe them a huge thank you - for providing a platform for us to share a meal that we will eventually be sharing with our nearest and dearest.  

and... they sent us home with the beautiful centerpiece ♥

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mama said...

Ahhhh. Love them already. cannot wait to meet them