Friday, November 20, 2009

janine in feathers

Below are the feathers that dangled in front of Janine's portrait from the IYDMIDY collaborative portrait show.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

October, where did you go?

Dear October,
Where did you go? Is it really mid-November? Weird...

Here's some of my favorite moments in October - foto style.

more pictures right here !

in Miami we got to hang out with Omar!

birthday date with Eli at the Waterboy

birthday weekend in SF

a bittersweet evening in San Francisco
wishing Zeina farewell as she moves onto a new chapter of life in Reno!
(polaroid below is proof that i have a working scanner!!! are you ready?
i am a scanning machine right now!!)

and Halloween !!
I was Annie Hall ... and I think I pulled if off quite well.

an absolutely perfect Sunday:

farmers market
followed by backyard mimosas and magazines with trish

(this photo was taken by the lovely Trisha Jean)

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