Saturday, January 30, 2010

top 10 !

Happy New Year ! Late, I know! However, also quite early if you celebrate the Chinese New Year. Which personally, I use as a marker to have my lists and goals for the year on paper. It gives me an extra month. This year it falls on Valentine's Day. So I am working on that list now. Speaking of lists, I would like to share with you my current top 10 favorite spots to lurk on the internets.

Local Sacramento blogger.

Fashion blog from RENO ♥.

Vegan feminist being rad in Saudi Arabia.

This is basically a search engine for food. You type in any kind of food or dish and it will pull up all sorts of different links to recipes and such. It is awesome! (This is good for the random veggie I come home from the farmer's market with and have NO clue how to prepare it.. I just type the name in the little search box and voila, tons of different recipes with cute lil preview polaroid style pics)

Because I really could stare at typeface all day long.

Because it's just so nasty.

Keeping me in the know.

I, along with the whole world, have fallen in love with this 13 year old fashion blogger. (Who recently got a bit of heat at the Dior fashion show for wearing this hat)


Art blog that I really enjoy.

I can't stop at 10! Here's one more:

Just trust me... this one is good!

oh and DUH ! these 2 kind of go without saying, but incase you don't know... my dear friends have some cool happenings going on at:

ps. I spent my New Year's Eve in Austin Texas with my homies from way back when. Eli came with me and it was a major blast. Check out the pics.

sunglass swap. me & cheese.