Thursday, July 30, 2009

raw. day 2

Today marks day 2 of eating 100% raw foods for 1 whole week.  So far so good! For the most part, my normal diet consists of a considerable amount of raw or rawish foods, so this transition has not been difficult so far.  The only non-raw food that I am consuming during these 7 days is coffee.  I thought about giving it up as well during this week, but the truth is, I am insanely busy at work and the idea of trying to get through my busy schedule without coffee seemed frightening and slightly impossible.  So, I'm keeping coffee!  Other than that, it's raw all the way until next Wednesday, with the long term goal to incorporate a high raw diet going forward as much as I can.  

My energy level was high all day yesterday and I did not feel overly hungry.  Hopefully it maintains this easy.  I went to the Coop yesterday and bought fresh fruits and veggies for the week.  I checked out their raw foods section.  Unfortunately buying the packaged raw foods is quite expensive, plus I think I really want to concentrate on eating fresh fresh fresh!  I did buy a couple bottles of Kombucha, which is a raw and natural energy drink.  Some find the taste intolerable, but I have really come to enjoy it. Especially the guava and mango flavors. 

Here's what I ate for lunch today: 
fresh squeezed lemon
cracked pepper
mmmm. so good.

Last night was girls night, and we went to see 'Food, inc.' which was quite fitting considering my raw diet this week.  Oh man, go see it.  But be prepared, it is not an easy film to watch.  I actually cried during several different parts of the documentary.  Talk about harsh reality.  I think I will have to pick up the 'Omnivore's Dilemma' for the 4th attempt, and hope to get through chapter 1 this time. 

Here are some inspirational raw blogs I have been checking out:

These were recommended by an old classmate of mine from Dhahran, Natasha Burge, who has this awesome blog that I have been following for a few months now.  

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July in Minneapolis.

Today is Scott's birthday, and to celebrate we did some of his favorite things: went on a bike ride, had a picnic dinner, and ate chocolate cake (in the form of yummy cupcakes with dulce de leche filling from a bakery called the Salty Tart). Gorgeous evening. Greenway. Omar in the bike trailer with his ridiculously cute bike helmet. Fish dinner on Lake Calhoun. Serious playing at Lake Calhoun 32nd Beach playground. Cupcakes and champagne from pink cans with straws. Omar chasing ducks for the first time. Beautiful day. Notice Omar's bike love T-shirt—thanks Eli!

Monday, July 20, 2009

oh july!

So, it has been a bit of a slow start here at 34H, but I have a feeling that will change soon!  Personally, I have been feeling really inspired lately and finally feel like perhaps life is slowing down a bit, and I can refocus some attention here.  So far the month of July has been jam packed with awesome summery fun.  Lana, Scott and Omar visiting from Minneapolis, which included lots of pool time, a trip to the Academy of Science building in San Francisco, BBQs, and overall entertainment provided by little O.  A perfect family beach trip to Santa Cruz where we lodged literally a block away from the crashing waves.  Amazing family meals on the deck, a constant flow of mimosas, pictionary, scrabble, and a little bit of hide and seek.  Here's a little collage...

I am totally loving all those blues.  Here's more... photo album.

The Saturday after our Santa Cruz trip was the reception for the Portrait Show.  It was a great turnout and the pieces were really fantastic.  Lana accompanied me to the reception, which was really great because she got to meet some of my dear friends (who hear about her ALL the time). Zeina was in Boston at that point for a wedding, but will have to come check it out next time she is in town!  I have a few favorites from the show that I will post about as soon as I make it back over to Bows & Arrows with my camera.  In the meantime, Olivia blogged about it here: Bows & Arrows .

ok, more soon.