Tuesday, June 16, 2009


sarah barkawi
I have been asked to participate in the 2nd installment of a collaborative portrait show titled "if you do me, i'll do you" by my dear friends Richard St. Ofle and Olivia Coehlo.  This is a portrait show where each contributor is both the artist as well as the subject.  22 local Sacramentans met back in May and drew names of the individual they are to 'do.'  Artists are free to use any medium they desire.  

I drew Janine Mapurunga's  name.  She is a brilliant photographer who lives in Barcelona, but travels to Sacramento on occassion for work and just so happened to be around for this show. She is pictured 2nd to my right in the flier above.  I have many ideas for my portrait of Janine.  I'm sure I will post the final product on 34hummingbird. 

My buddy Stefan - pictured directly above me - drew my name.  He is an incredible painter and I am stoked to see what he creates.  He asked me for a few pictures of myself where I am not smiling and my teeth are not visible.  This proved to be a bit difficult to find - however I managed to scrounge up a few options for him that he states will work perfectly!

These portraits will be on display at Bows & Arrows 1712 L. Street Midtown Sacramento, CA beginning on July 11th, 2009 (2nd Saturday).

And to top all of this awesomeness off... Lana will be visiting from Minneapolis the opening weekend!



julierae said...

oh yay! i am excited for you! :)

Anonymous said...

Damn, Stefan looks pretty noided!