Thursday, March 3, 2011

can I have one part of my life that isn’t TMZ’d up the butt?

so... there's no denying the major hilarity behind charlie sheen's recent antics and his absurd verbal garbage that really makes no sense at all.  i, personally, found his 20/20 interview hard to watch as i thought he was jerk to the interviewer, was totally uncomfortable, and made no sense... don't get me wrong, i laughed out loud several times, but it was still extremely awkward... it felt like a never-ending SNL skit.

of course, someone captured some of his ridiculous quotes here.

but what i am struggling with the most is the fact that he has a long history of violence against women that seems to have gone unnoticed amongst all his other bs.  i can't wrap my mind around the fact that he even maintained a career in the public eye after all of those charges in the first place.

tracie egan morrissey from jezebel does a good job detailing this issue out here. 

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