Friday, March 4, 2011

happy birthday mom

today is my mama's birthday
she is the most amazing of all the amazing women
if you know her... well, then, you know

she has always encouraged me to be exactly who i am
i am proud to be her daughter 

when i was in the 11th grade, she and i moved back to the united states a year earlier than my dad
we lived alone that year - just the two of us in a cute little house in roseville
it was a challenging year of changes and adjustments for both of us
we've always been close, but something about that year made us oh so much closer

and as you can see, i cannot get enough of these amazing photos of her from back in the day
these old photos of her are my style inspiration
she's a rad lady, beautiful inside and out, an amazing grandmother, an activist for peace and equality, a therapist by day,  ridiculously adorable and arguably the best mama ever
i could gush about her all day long...

and...she puts up a good fight,
she'd say the same about me...
we are taking her to a fancy dinner tonight - because she deserves that and so much more!

love you mama!

1 comment:

mama said...

I am in tears of joy for your beautiful words, I am humbled and honored. I am the proud one to be a mother to such an amazing person.
I love you and cherish you more than words can ever express. Inti habibet albi