Monday, February 28, 2011

the weekend

got to tour the loomis basin brewing company 

eat at the high hand conservatory in loomis

discovered the crescent club in old sac

got my bangs cut

was lacadia's +1 to sacramento fashion week's finale show 
 watched the oscars with some lady friends


oh, and most importantly - omar turned 3 years old yesterday!!

coolest kid i know ! 

i wish i could have been in minneapolis to celebrate...

happy birthday lil man 


~ Valerie Ram Rattan ~ said...

Where is this Brewery? I love beer too but only with a meal or cheese. Is this in Sac also?

Also love the bangs!

sarah said...

valerie! the brewery is in loomis, which is near sacramento. it isn't open just yet, but we were lucky enough to get a private tour. come visit soon!

~ Valerie Ram Rattan ~ said...

Cool! Oh, I gotcha ya. I didn't know if Loomis was the name of the brewry or like you mentioned, the location. Neat!

I do want to come visit. My spring break is coming up (in 2 weeks) so maybe during that time I can come.....does that work?