Tuesday, February 22, 2011

thank you, gay bars!

i totally needed a long weekend
to relax
catch up with friends
check things off lists
take photos
celebration plan
catch up on the ever growing pile of new yorkers stacked on the coffee table...
which has been mocking me for weeks

highlights from this weekend...

having z + dom + dad over for dinner


dom took part in a duathalon in granite bay, we hung out after in folsom before they took off to reno

z surprised me with this creamy cheese spread that we grew up eating... 
so good! 

trish and i indulged in a major funday sunday - which included much needed catch up, fancy cocktails,  and a side of dancing at badlands (at 6pm on a sunday...)
thank you, gay bars, for providing a platform for those who feel the urge to boogie in the middle of their sunday !

we woke the next morning totally motivated to hit the goodwill 50% off sales
but the lines were SO ridiculous - we traded it in for breakfast at pancake circus
i can't believe this was the first time entering this establishment in my whole sacramento life

it was everything i had imagined plus some

we ate at the bar - which i have to say, i love doing when dining with two
fyi - they serve dinner.  but non-meat eaters beware - only meat options :)

i thought it was awesome.  i'd totally go back when i'm itching for some greasy country potatoes + 
some good people watching

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trisharhomberg said...

i loved sunday funday dancing queens!