Friday, February 18, 2011

delayed valentine's post

"this is your valentine's text"

that's the text i got from eli this past valentine's day
it made me laugh out loud
 eli is not a fan of valentine's day at all
i know not to expect flowers, or gifts, or dinner reservations
it's not that he isn't romantic - he is incredibly romantic
i think he just prefers to do sweet things on his own time 
not on the day every other dude is out scrambling for flowers or something

i'm cool with it
it makes me like him even more
plus - years back i was involved in a miserable relationship 
he was a bad boyfriend all around - but always sent me red roses on valentine's day
looking back at that particular situation - it was such an empty gesture

my mom, on the other hand, takes care of business on valentine's day
i can always count on her to give us a sweet valentine's card and treats
 and i like the idea of celebrating the one's you love
so, happy love day
every day should be love day


speaking of love... have you seen this supercool project:

Photographer Irina Werning's project "Back to the Future"
recreating scenes of our youth - to the t.

so amazing!
i've been wanting to do something similar - but recreate pictures of my mama
from back in the day - but with me or my sisters as the subject.
like his one right here in particular.
i love everything about this photo
and i want to be just like her in it
the dress. the hair. the shoes. the expression. the way she is sitting.
i wonder what she was saying.
perhaps it was "i'm the cutest mama ever"

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trisharhomberg said...

love lee. you are so cute, sarah!