Monday, August 2, 2010

no wolf

It's pretty rad to be able to state the following fact: I have a friend, Richard, who wrote a book.  A book that has been published and is available for the whole world to purchase.  Available on the book's website, and apparently through Barnes and Noble and Amazon as well.

Richard St.Ofle, a dear friend of mine, opens his heart and really shares his story about a summer full of love, both lost and found.  Being such good friends with Richard and his wife, Corine, this story was an extraordinarily emotional read for me.  So heart wrenching at times, that I had to walk away from it and allow myself a little break.  This is a story told in such a raw and creative way.  Congratulations Richard!  Thank you for sharing this story.  I am proud to call you my friend.

Here are a couple reviews of his book:
St. Ofle puts what it means to be human down on paper. It's all in there. Beauty and sensuality, pain and despair. His account of a rotten, heart-breaking, life-altering summer is more than a story: It's a visceral and philosophical reflection on the aching desire to live an extraordinary life. 
- Emile De la Faune 

With No Wolf, Richard St.Ofle has crafted a compelling and harrowing account of love, loss and identity. In the grand tradition of storytelling, St.Ofle weaves a narrative that both entraps and entrances you. Through the splendor of the island of Guadalupe and the struggle of desire, St.Ofle reveals the magic of the human heart 
-Jessalyn Wakefield

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