Wednesday, August 11, 2010

loon lake

Last weekend we camped at Loon Lake.  Our campsite was so far removed that we had to canoe across the lake to get there.  It was incredibly beautiful.  Apparently, I have a reputation for being the most "uncampy" one of the group, which really isn't a shocker...  But I enjoy camping more than I get credit for.  

Eli and I cooked up some serious veggie kabobs 

Beautiful sunset...

The water was the PERFECT temperature for swimming.  We did some night swimming as well, which may be the best swimming I've ever done in my life !

And in true Clay form, we were presented with a few different performances throughout the trip.  Luckily this one here was caught on video and formally approved for your viewing pleasure.    Enjoy!!

and... I also enjoy camping.  

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