Friday, August 27, 2010


there's so much going on right now, i could burst!  it's all good and exciting.  i love it when life feels this full and exhilirating.  i've got so many rad projects i'm in the midst of, i'm swamped, and loving it.  and so many rad things going on around me.  there's a good energy in the air...

first of all - my favorite dude in the whole wide world has an end of august birthday... and we are celebrating tomorrow!

second of all - my dear darling amazing friend, lacadia, arrives home from a month vacation.  her and her beau ran off to his homeland of australia for the month of august and they return home early next week. i absolutely cannot wait to see her face and catch up in person! she's coming home with a shiny ring on her finger.  yowza.  it really is the summer of ♥.

congratulations boo!  now, hurry home so we can toast!

third - all my creative rad friends doing amazingly rad things to better this city of ours and i get goosebumps just thinking about all the good to come!!!  i'm not sure i can blog about some of it just yet - but as soon as i get the ok - i will!  but here is one thing i can pass along... if you live in sacramento, come to this:
local musicians + local ballet + good cause

plus i'm really excited that fall is right around the corner.  as much as i love summer, i ADORE fall in sacramento - plus, i'm tired of jean cut-offs and tank tops... i want to drown myself in fall fashion...

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CUFFS said...

Catching up on the blogosphere this morning...can you tell? Thanks for the love, boo. Stealing this funny pic of us and our headwear. Good luck at SOBO today!