Wednesday, November 10, 2010

g l e i m o u s

gleimous:  adj. - slimy; full of phlegm

Meet my new adopted word.  You can go to savethewords and adopt your very own word. NPR ran a bit about this yesterday and I couldn't resist checking it out.  They say each year hundreds of words are dropped from the English language, so here is an effort to keep them alive.  When you adopt a word you are supposed to be making a commitment to be using the word in an effort to keep it alive.  

There are loads of words on the website to chose from.  I like mine.  It stuck out to me in the midst of all the other words... First off, I'm hot for the letter g.  Secondly, I love that it's got hints of the word glamorous, yet so far from the meaning of it... 

Even blogger has my word underlined with that little red squiggly line indicating it doesn't believe it's a word... hmm.

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