Friday, September 17, 2010

on the brink

of a weekend filled with: 
family + friends + celebration + cheers + live music + ballet + love

feeling like a pretty lucky girl.

it's not that often that my entire family is in the same room, usually once a year (if we are lucky), and i suspect this will occur many many times this weekend - which makes me incredibly happy.

last night, eli and i took a midnight jaunt to the airport to pick up lana, scott, omar, and baby jad.  watching omar's excitement over seeing teta & jiddoh (arabic for grandma & grandpa) for airport hugs and kisses is one of the sweetest things i've ever witnessed.  i tried to capture him running towards mom, but he bolted so quickly, i missed my opportunity... more pictures to come!!

and of course, if you are local-ish,  don't forget to buy your tickets to this!!

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