Tuesday, September 21, 2010

family + friends

I truly believe I have the most amazing friends and family on this universe, I am not sure how I got so lucky.  Saturday evening my family and Eli's family threw us an engagement party.  My backyard was transformed into a beautiful scene that hosted a crew of our nearest and dearest.  It was a total blast.  Lana, Scott and the boys made the trip out to join in on the celebration.

Our families kicked us out of the house for the day so they could set up and decorate, and we would arrive as guests.  We had a lazy day together which included drinking these mini champagne cans Heather sent us, poolside.  We got ready at Trisha's place - and arrived at the party as guests.  The whole thing was perfect, the food, the drinks, all the family and friends!!

Family + Carl

the 3 Barkawi girls...

those are tears of pure joy (above)

Lil O was party-pooped out

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