Wednesday, September 1, 2010

eli's birthday, cont'd

Since Eli turned 29 yesterday, I wrote up a list of 29 things I adore about him on colored pieces of paper, then hung them throughout our living room.  Coming up with 29 things was a cinch, I could have kept going on and on...

 We headed to Mulvaney's for an amazing birthday dinner - there was a special birthday shout-out on our menu ... a sweet touch, Mulvaney's !

Corn soup starter may have been the most amazing soup I've ever tried...

Mulvaney's take on the watermelon + feta combo.  Damn good!

We sat on the patio and it got quite dark - so I was unable to take pictures with my phone of our entrees... but they were amazing!  Pasta Dave's pappardelle veggie pasta, and an entree of fresh vegetables. 

And now I am sitting in the Sacramento airport waiting for my flight to Austin.  Headed to a friend's wedding and a nice reunion with some of my favorite homeys!  I am officially in vacation mode!   

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