Monday, September 27, 2010

bike thieves suck hard

Saturday morning, while Eli was at a community meeting with our Mayor, city council folks, MBA board members, and members of our community discussing Midtown safety and nightlife issues - his bike was stolen.  Oh the irony.  The bike was stolen from I & 27th street.

I f-ing hate bike thieves (well, thieves in general).  Eli's bike is the equivalent of most people's cars - yup,  it is his main form of transportation.  It's just so frustrating that at 10 am in broad daylight - someone could successfully jack a bike from a SENIOR center...

Anyways - if anyone local is reading this - please keep an eye out for a yellow Cannondale bike- here's a link to his craigslist post - it sure feels like a shot in the dark - but who knows, I've heard some fabulous tales of stolen bikes being returned to their owners...

Friends have been reposting this link on FB, and we truly appreciate the support.  There is also this Stolen Midtown Bicycles FB page, where I have posted this link as well.  Fingers crossed.

If we don't get the bike back, I can only hope that karma will take care of it from here.

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