Monday, November 21, 2011


a sign of a good weekend 
kicking it off with orson

lexi birthday. dinner + sedaris

we arrived at the crest just as sedaris was wrapping up signing books. so he was alone at a table.
lexi and i went over and asked him if maybe he wouldn't mind taking a picture with us.
before he could even respond, his agent/gaygent ran over telling us about their firm no picture policy.
meanwhile, a woman walked right up, stuck her phone in david's face, and snapped a picture.
he was super annoyed, turned to us, and thanked us for at least being polite enough to ask and
not just taking a picture as if he were some statue. 
we felt really good about it. 
like in some weird way we had really impressed him.
we fantasized about asking him out for drinks afterwards.
like our politeness in picture-taking would win us an evening of laughs and drinks with him..
he is really cute. petite. and stylish.
he hates the word 'awesome'

and i'm still full from saturday's 'crock-off'
sunday morning walk

+ one of the many things i love about this weather is the only place 
the cats want to be is on our laps.

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