Tuesday, November 29, 2011

happy day 2011

eli + i joined the day after thanksgiving all day drinking fest 
known as 'happy day'

we got to reno around 11am and met up with the group at chapel tavern
which was a perfect place to start

look at that accidental (+perfect) placement of duncan's head above

on the walk from chapel to shea's tavern we detoured and snuck into
craft, reno's new bottle shop

oh man!
it is so dope
and the owner was so friendly + charming
we sat at the bar and chatted with him
he gave us amazing local honey to try

then we made a big mistake...
we walked into the tiny little puppy adoption shop on our way to shea's
i should know better

 blurry at shea's tavern

we skipped the wild orchid this year 
and met back up with the group at public house
which is an AMAZING new bar with great beer
and such a good vibe

more photos of happy day here.

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