Monday, October 17, 2011

bear to make a difference

Spent the weekend in Denver attending the Bear to Make a Difference gala. It has been amazing to watch the event grow over the years. Here is last year's blog post after the event. This year the attendance was so high they had to add on an extra tent space outside. It was, as usual, a lovely evening filled with love, remembrance, hope, community, and powerful energy. Everyone there wanting to make a difference. And, just like last year, I have come home more INSPIRED than ever, and ready to work on making a difference in my community. Luckily, I am in a better position this year than last, as I have recently accepted to be a board member of the local non-profit Equality Action Now. An amazing group of hard working individuals with so much energy, love, and commitment. This is all very new for me, so I am enjoying learning the ins and outs of a non-profit and the role of 'board member.'

This year's "make a difference award" went to
Jennifer Beals
She was really cute up there - and her speech was great!

zeina + dom + my hot date for the evening... ernie!

On my way home, I flew into the new SMF terminal, which is pretty amazing...
I loved this hanging piece

+ this mosaic 

and below... Equality Action Now's board of directors:

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proud mama said...

sounds like it was a great event..
I am so proud of you for being on the board of the Equality Action Now. I would like to get involved. Please let me know how.. Love