Tuesday, June 21, 2011

happy birthday, lana !

the longest day of the year belongs to you, lana!!

i've been riffling through mom + dad's photo collection
and you and dad have the absolute sweetest series of photos together
man, oh man, you were a cute kid
and dad had serious killer 70s style...

i miss you all the time
i think we should make a 5 year goal
let's live in the same city for a period of time within the next 5 years
i realize this could mean i have to find a way to deal with crazy cold weather
OR you have to find a way to deal with amazing california climate

i love + cherish the friendship we have. i have enjoyed what
it has morphed into over the past few years 
you inspire me

your birthday package is 80% complete
but will be on the way soon

i hope you eat cake all day long
i love you, lanaloo


Lana said...

Thank you so much, Sarah. I'm a bit teary right now!

love love love love

sarah said...

yay! hope you and scott had a nice date last night! xo