Tuesday, June 7, 2011

bows & arrows grand re-opening

so incredibly proud of and happy for trisha + olivia and their new space
if you haven't checked them out yet... just wait until you see, taste, feel, drink, eat for yourself

the grand opening was last saturday
and the turn out was brilliant - all sorts of people, families, midtowners, and beyond
and i'm happy to report i have finally 
tried a fat face dish (besides their amazing pops)
the fig sliders! so good!!

and in speaking with the adorable face behind fat face, jaymes,
i learned that an eggplant meatball (veg) sandwich was coming soon
y u m

i sampled their impressive beer selection
hung out with some of my favorite folks
chilled on the patio 
and took in all the positive energy + good vibes

patio space before the opening

eli and i spent the evening on opposite ends of bows hanging + chatting + drinking
(this happens frequently - we go to social events together and hardly spend any time with each other)
so it wasn't until the end of the night that we both realized neither one of us could
drive... so papa clay took us home

 jesse + sophie patio hanging

it was olivia's birthday the following monday, so the featured artist, hilary pecis, 
surprise olivia with two home made cakes.  so sweet.

and here's hilary's work hanging on the white wall gallery space @ bows

they are getting some well deserved press:

congratulations bows collective!

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