Wednesday, April 27, 2011

simple + clean + raw soup

cold avo-cu soup

so, i'm eating raw again for 1 week.  i started on monday.  i will make 2 meal exceptions, tonight we got invited to this and on saturday i plan on indulging here.  i'm trying to be a bit more creative than i have in the past when eating raw.  last night i made this raw avocado + cucumber soup made with homemade almond milk (which is surprisingly SO easy to make) that turned out to be so good!

i n g r e d i e n t s 

1/2 cup of almonds soaked in water overnight
1 large cucumber peeled + chopped 
3 avocados chopped
5 stems of green onion chopped
handful of cilantro chopped
salt + pepper to taste

throw your soaked almonds in a food processor / blender and slowly add 2 cups filtered water as you are blending.  blend until smooth as possible.  strain your mixture into a bowl, this process will require you to press down on the almond mash left to really get all the liquid milk out.  
you will only be using the milk - so you can do whatever you like with the leftover almond mash, save it for baking?

put your chopped avocados, cucumbers, green onions and cilantro in the food processor or blender and add the almond milk and blend.  add salt and pepper as you are blending to taste.

so simple + clean + good

since i am raw i didn't add much else, but i feel like there's plenty of opportunity to add more fun stuff to this, like perhaps a spoon full of labne or greek yogurt?  garlic and mint be a nice touch as well.

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