Tuesday, June 15, 2010

eleven heavy things - miranda july

There are countless reasons why I would absolutely love to live in Manhattan, one being the accessibility to some really amazing art happenings right there in your own city.  Like Miranda July's new art installation "Eleven Heavy Things" in Union Square Park going on right now!  It's on display until October 2010.

The installation is composed of 11 structures that engage the public to interact with the artwork. I love her use of text in so much of her work, and this piece is no different.  I am a huge fan of Miranda July's ability to touch the heart through a bizarre, quirky, and occasionally perverse way.  She charms.

photos from artinfo.com

More photos posted on Flickr 

Here's an interview with her regarding this work - and below an excerpt from that interview.

The hugging one — did it work? Did strangers hug each other?
It was fun to sit in Venice and watch; occasionally someone would ask someone. They’d do it, grinning their heads off. You saw a lot of people who already knew each other hugging. I guess what I also like is that the sculptures seem so inviting. Maybe they’re inviting enough that in the moment you don’t think twice about doing it to take a photograph, but then the artifact you have, the souvenir is a little more complicated.

I was already thinking about an end of summer jaunt to see ches and get my Manhattan fix for the year, and so here's one more compelling reason to go.

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