Thursday, June 24, 2010

d.i.y. chalkboard

Was recently introduced to chalkboard paint.  This is such a rad concept because you can make anything a chalkboard surface!  I am sure you can OVERDUE the use of this big time! In an effort to play, but not overdue, I have been creating small framed chalkboards.  I made this one here for me and e:

Basically, I am just repurposing old picture frames or framed mirrors that I am picking up from thrift stores for just a few bucks at most.  This one above was a picture frame, so I painted the frame a light blue, and then the glass of the picture frame is painted with chalkboard paint.  Pretty cool, eh?!

I made my friends a white one, and photo doc-ed the project so I could share it here, with you!

Above is the mirror I found at a thrift store in Concord for $2.99.  I know it's hard to even notice the frame with gorgeous Zoe admiring herself in the mirror... 

It was easy to take the mirror apart.  All I needed was a screwdriver and the frame popped right off the mirror.  Below is the frame after I spray painted it white.  

Then I painted the mirror piece with chalkboard spray paint. 

Then reassembled the mirror - screwed it back together.  Eh, voila.

easy as pie

Side note,  after creating this, I had spray paint guilt.  It can't be good for the environment, right?!  So, I did some googling...  And as I suspected, not great for the world.  Just like the car.  Hey L, what's the name of that website you were telling me about a while back... where you can find out what products are good/bad for the environment?  

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