Monday, March 15, 2010

march mama

Spent the weekend in Reno with the family (minus Minnesota :( ) celebrating Mom's birthday.  Presented Mom with this wine bottle revealing her gift from me and Zeina...  

I scrubbed the label off a bottle of wine and slapped on this homemade label.  The back of the bottle has our weekend details...

Zeina lives in an incredibly walkable Reno neighborhood.  The river is literally in her backyard and has a nice big park attached.  I am looking forward to summer trips to visit.   Apparently people jump right into the river from the central downtown area... sort of reminds me of Barton Springs in Austin.  

We stopped for midday cocktails at this cozy lil bar in Zeina's hood.  They had board games available to play - I wish more bars would offer this!  We set up the Scrabble board intending to play, then got pretty deep in conversation about food culture in this country, and before we knew it we were paying our tab - Scrabble board untouched.  

Before we headed home we skyped with mainly Omar - Lana popped in and out of screen every once in a while, and Scott made a little cameo as well. Before O was born I used to wonder how he would refer to me.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined it might be "Uncle Sarah," but that's what he has cleverly dubbed me, and I LOVE IT !!  He's a little comic... He melted my heart when he said "I love you.  I miss you."  Naturally, I went home and searched for tickets to Minneapolis.  I cannot be away from him too long, he's growing up much too quickly.  

And on a non-Reno-weekend related note - here's Olive being gorgeous while she was enjoying today's amazing weather: 

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~ Valerie ~ Ram Rattan ~ said...

I love this idea for the your mother's bday gift = wine bottle. How awesome!!!