Wednesday, July 6, 2011

style icon: my mother

i was recently asked the question:

"where do you turn to for fashion inspiration"

easy answer.. these incredible photographs of my mother
isn't she just the cutest lil thing in the world!!?


mama said...

I am honored, flatered and humbled.
Thank you sweetheart my love for you is endless

Rachel Leibrock said...

Gorgeous! I found your blog through Erin's and I have to say I love your style! Plus, I'm totally coveting those black sandals you're wearing in some of the shots on her page. What's the brand?

sarah said...

hi rachel! the clogs are from a boutique in new york called "no. 6". if you google just that, they will pull up. you can totally order online - and they make each pair upon ordering, so it feels customized. they are a quite a splurge, but totally worth it in my opinion! ridiculously comfortable!


Rachel Leibrock said...

Thank you!