Wednesday, February 3, 2010

dear summer...

I am seriously missing all things SUMMER.  I've been daydreaming about days at the river, bike riding through the warm summer nights, sandals, sundresses, swimming pools, sunshine, BBQs, park days, outdoor music, day-trips, blankets & books in the park... I could go on forever.

I must say I am quite pleased that January is over.  It was mostly gray and cold.  And I found it difficult to muster up the motivation to do anything or go anywhere!  But now the days are proving to be a bit longer and I am starting to get extremely excited about all the things ahead in the next few months that lead us into summer!

In my January slump, I kept myself sane by making lists of goals and plans for this summer.  I am mostly excited about the garden Eli and I are going to start in our backyard.  We are newbies at this and will be looking to our experienced friends and family for some direction.  The good news is we have tons of space to play with!  I am also pumped about the fact that Trisha moved into a midtown apartment with a pool... I'm hoping she hooks me up with a key!

And here are a few summery moments from 2009:

biking to the river with t & l and our always lovely setup

rallying for love and equality with Corine Richard & Orson

family dinner on the deck in Santa Cruz

beach bumming with Omar

hot summer date with this guy

watching MC Hammer at the state fair with these rad ladies

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