Tuesday, September 22, 2009

dissecting suburbia...

With Eli currently in graduate school, I find myself missing academia quite a bit. My new favorite thing to do is edit Eli's papers. His urban planning classes are so fascinating. I find myself shuffling through all his books and readings for class daily. One of his professors assigned him a video to watch. It is a 20 minute talk by writer James Kunstler, titled "Dissecting Suburbia."

We watched this Sunday evening while we ate dinner together. It was my last cooked meal for a week. That's right folks, I am raw until next Monday!

Anyhow - back to that Kunstler video. If you have 20 minutes - and have any interest in your public surroundings... take a peek. This video is good!! Enjoy!

James Kunstler is the author of this blog: Clusterfuck Nation

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julierae said...

sarah, you are so cute and you sound so happy.